2019 National ASLA Public Awareness Summitt

2019 National ASLA Public Awareness Summitt

by: Siobhan Hussey

For this year’s National ASLA Public Awareness Summit, I had the opportunity to go out to New Orleans and meet with representatives from each chapter to discuss, collaborate, and learn about what we can do to elevate the profession of landscape architecture through public relations and social media communications.

When we weren’t stuffing our faces with beignets and taking in all the goodness that is New Orleans, other chapters and myself had the opportunity to discuss the efforts they are making locally to inspire their members and educate the public about landscape architecture. With publications and social media tips and tricks, each chapter had unique value to bring to the table.

One major point of discussion this year, was commemorating national and chapter awards, past and present, to show our members and the general public, what landscape architects can really do. Whether through a press release to local newspapers or on snazzy graphics to platforms like Instagram, there was an emphasis on how to utilize these awards as a tool to raise public awareness of the profession. We learned how public posts on all types of media are great vehicles to carry our message and brainstormed ways to reframe our language to show why landscape architecture is important. So let us begin by reestablishing ourselves and show people not only what landscape architecture can do, but why landscape architecture can enhance the daily lives of the people/flora/fauna who inhabit the spaces we create.

Keep on the lookout for our social media pages for all new updates coming soon! Cannot wait to share what I learned over the weekend with all of you.

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