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ASLA Honors 37 Outstanding Members with Fellowship

The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time. Individuals considered for this distinction must be members of ASLA in good standing for at least ten years and must be recommended to the Council of Fellows by the Chapter Executive Committee.

The Chapter Executive Committee has formed a Fellows Committee consisting of the current President, a Past President, the current Trustee, and a recently named Fellow. Each year, this committee accepts nominations until December 31st, at which point it selects up to six candidates for recommendation to be submitted for review by Executive Committee of the National Council of Fellows.

If a candidate is recommended by the Chapter Fellows Committee it is up the candidate to prepare his or her own application. The Fellows Committee will review the application and give feedback prior to submitting the application to the Executive Committee of the National Council of Fellows. It is the Executive Committee of the National Council of Fellows that makes the final selection.

Congratulations to René Bihan, David Howerton, James Lee and  John Loomis of the Northern California Chapter!

BIHANRené Bihan, of SWA Group received his nomination, for Works, from the Northern California Chapter. René’s work over the past quarter century is recognized internationally for his mastery of the art and practice of landscape architecture. His design-think approach transforms physical and cultural landscapes as he grapples with multi-faceted challenges and educates the public and clients through his unerring commitment to his landscape-centered design principles. He has garnered praise, awards and appointments from fellow design leaders, landscape architecture stewardship organizations, public policy and academic institutions, and professional clientele throughout his career. He is a leader and outspoken advocate for the profession—first as a practitioner, and also as a speaker, juror, lecturer and mentor in domestic and international circles. His works here and abroad continue to thrive and stand as living examples of the impact of thoughtful landscape design.

HOWERTONDavid Howerton, of Hart Howerton, received his nomination, in Works, from the Northern California Chapter. Howerton creates innovative, sustainable environments that honor and preserve the natural landscape. His commitment to land projects exemplifies how strategic, long-term thinking can sustain the natural and built environment over time. He is a leading advocate of interdisciplinary thinking, crossing professional boundaries, and working collaboratively to create complete environments that integrate planning, architecture and interior design professionals. Across a wide range of project types in diverse professional arenas, his is a consistent leadership in land stewardship and the ability to create vibrant, authentic communities. His groundbreaking work on many environmentally sound, conservation-based, enduring communities has earned national acclaim. He allows the history and natural setting of places to guide his designs, resulting in communities with genuinely authentic identities of which residents and guests are proud.


James Lee, of SWA Group, received his nomination, in Works, from the Northern California Chapter. Lee’s design is steeped in the inherent qualities of site location and the eccentric characteristic aspirations of the project’s special program. He makes the unique qualities of a site obvious and celebrated and seeks clarity of intention in landscapes through visual and physical expression. Articulations of architectural expression create qualities of space seeped in immersive place-making that give people special spatial experiences. His goal is to apply the appropriate amount of design to a site to make it obvious and intuitive. His close collaborations with allied professionals have meant that he is brought on to projects early to find the right application of a landscape. His work blurs divides between inside and out, horizontal and vertical, and landscape and architecture.

LOOMISJohn Loomis, of SWA Group, received his nomination, in Works, from the Northern California Chapter. The influential 38-year career of Loomis is nationally and internationally recognized for his significant contributions to the built realm. His remarkable range of accomplishments includes dozens of design awards, leadership, mentoring of young professionals and design collaboration with professional colleagues, as well as service to the community. His private and public works include mixed-use urban developments, corporate campuses, retirement communities, themed attractions and green architecture. A principal at SWA Group for 25 years, Loomis’ expertise and knowledge focus on design realization through technical expertise and the craft of landscape architecture strengthening the big idea behind each endeavor. Whereas innovation and design realize vision, innovation and craft realize design, and, toward that end, Loomis is both an innovator and a maker of the highest order.

More information on the rules and criteria for Fellowship can be found at ASLA National.