ASLA-NCC is a volunteer-powered organization. We work to bring value to our members by advocating for our profession, communicating news of interest, honoring our members’ accomplishments, and networking with each other and with collegues in allied professions. ASLA-NCC  is a direct reflection of its members. If you see something lacking or an area that can be improved, we welcome your involvement. Contact us to participate in ASLA-NCC committees and activities.

Past President Amy Cupples-Rubiano with Ann Baker and Melinda Stockmann


We are thankful for all the volunteers contributing their time and expertise to help make ASLA-NCC all that it is.


Laurel Kelly, Larry Wight, and Chiye Azuma


We thank the following individuals for serving as the Chapter’s President.

2017-18 Carolyne Orazi
2016-17 Elizabeth Boults
2015-2016 Marybeth Harasz
2014-2015 David W. Nelson
2013-2014 Amy Cupples
2012-2013 Sarka Volejnikova
2011-2012 April Philips
2010-2011 Mitch Wilks
2009-2010 Ann Baker
2008-2009 Juanita  Salisbury
2007-2008 Ive Haugeland
2005-2007 Jeff George
2004-2005 Chris Kent
2003-2004 Sarah Sutton
2002-2003 Michael Scheele
2001-2002 Dwight DeMay
2000-2001 Richard Macias
1999-2000 Larry Wight
1998-1999 Glen Rock

1997-1998 Bob Sena
1996-1997 Dave Mitchell
1995-1996 John Wreschinski
1994-1995 Bob Sena, Rich Seaforth
1993-1994 Brian Gatter
1992-1993 Michael Fotheringhamv
1992-1993 Tim Coppola
1991-1992 Brooks Kolb
1990-1991 Eldon Beck
1989-1990 Carrie Dana Lux
1988-1989 Gary Mason
1987-1988 Dan Svenson
1986-1987 Dan Svenson
1985-1986 Lucile Biesbroeck
1984-1985 Patrick Miller
1983-1984 Kent Watson