ASLA Chapters Brainstorm with NPS

ASLA Chapters Brainstorm with NPS

The Great Shasta Rail Trail Design Charrette

Design charrette for Great Shasta Rail Trail, Feb. 2013

ASLA-NCC and the Sierra ASLA joined forces to help the National Park Service (NPS) brainstorm ideas for the Great Shasta Rail Trail project. Sally Sheridan, landscape architect with the NPS – Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program, coordinated the February workshop, working closely with ASLA Past-Presidents, April Philips (NCC), and Dalton LaVoie (Sierra).  Goals for the workshop were twofold:

  1. To provide conceptual designs for primary and secondary trailheads that illustrate a range of user facilities and carrying capacity, and
  2. To bring to life and detail the look and feel of Great Shasta Rail Trail

Eight volunteer landscape architects, including Chris Kent and Dave Mitchell from ASLA-NCC, spent an enjoyable and productive day with the members of the Great Shasta Rail Trail Core Team looking at access, amenities and identity along the rail trail. Volunteer and pro bono work like this help to highlight the wide-reaching public service activities readily performed by landscape architects.

Concepts from the Great Shasta Rail Trail design charrette

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