Casting Call for Bay Area Landscape Architect

Casting Call for Bay Area Landscape Architect

D3 Productions, an Emmy-award winning TV production company, is seeking one female SF-Bay Area landscape architect to participate in their next feature-length travel documentary about the Classical Gardens of Suzhou which are on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The show will be released to PBS stations nationwide.

They are looking for a female landscape architect (sorry guys) age 25 or older in the SF Bay Area who would be interested in learning about Classical Chinese Gardens of southern China. The chosen candidate will be appearing on the show with an architect from the SF Bay Area. See the event flyer here.

The documentary will be filmed in Suzhou, China over two weeks in October (dates TBD) and the itinerary includes, the Canglang Pavilion, the Lion Forest Garden, the Garden of Cultivation, and Im Pei Suzhou Gardens. All expenses will be covered, including international airfare, in-country travel, lodging, and meals.

The documentary is part of their “Step Into China” documentary series, where two Americans experience some aspect of Chinese culture. An example of a recent production is Tea Lands of China, where a tea shop owner and a coffee shop manager visited two tea regions of China. The hour-long show is a cultural exchange; part travelogue and part educational. In addition to visiting the gardens, the plan is to also visit famous cultural sites and try the local cuisine. The two travelers share their experiences with the audience. They are interviewed at the end of each day for about 1/2 hour to explain what they experienced.

Candidates need to be:
• Open-minded
• Adventurous
• A good storyteller
• Willing to try new things
• Easy-going
• In good health
• Enthusiastic
• Someone who has NEVER been to China before (But preferably has some international travel under her belt)

Interested? If so, you can email the producers your recent photo, a very brief description of your background, and your reason for wanting to participate in the documentary. They will select a “shortlist” of the top candidates to fill out a more formal Application Form & Questionnaire to help determine the finalists. Selection is expected to be in September or sooner.

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