ASLA-NCC Mentorship Program Code of Ethics

Please read this Code of Ethics in its entirety. You must agree to this Code of Ethics in order to apply for the Mentorship Program. Your participation in the Mentorship Program assumes your agreement with this Code of Ethics.

The ASLA-NCC Mentorship Program relies on self-directed teams of participants. All mentorship team members must discuss and agree on such issues as: the length of the relationship; frequency and types of meetings and other activities; how to give each other feedback; and roles of members.  All parties need to respect the others’ time based on agreed-to schedules and meeting dates.

Confidentiality is an absolute requirement for all mentorship team members, in both personal and professional issues.

Mentorship is neither a recruitment tool nor a job hunting opportunity and it is not the purpose of this program.

Mentorship team members must keep the mentoring activities professional. Personal relationships beyond a professional level are highly discouraged.

While some mentorship relationships last a lifetime, any party may discontinue the relationship at any time. A team member wishing to to terminate the relationship must notify the other team members. Every team member must respect another’s wish to end the mentorship relationship.

Every mentorship team member must provide proper acknowledgement and credit for projects worked on collaboratively with others.

All mentorship participation is strictly volunteer, and no compensation between team members should be expected, offered or exchanged.

To ensure that the program serves its intended purpose and can undergo improvements, the Executive Committee will seek feedback from participants. Each group agrees to select a representative to give a brief summary of the program performance to the ASLA NCC leadership. In addition, and each participant will have an opportunity to give comments through a short on-line survey.

As a participant in the ASLA-NCC Mentorship Program, I have read the Code of Ethics and hereby agree to conduct myself accordingly.

If you AGREE and wish to apply please contact for an application.

Please review the Mentorship Best Practices & Guidelines.