Collaboration | Landscape Architecture and the Future of Disc Golf

Collaboration | Landscape Architecture and the Future of Disc Golf

by Katrina Majewski

In the office, landscape architects focus on collaboration whether we intend to or not: working with other teams, on projects, with peers, colleagues etc. Out of the office, ASLA-NCC is also focusing on collaboration: we are working to connect more with community partners and others in related fields, specifically AIA-SF. In an effort foster this partnership, AIA-SF invited  ASLA-NCC to participate in the lecture, ‘The Future of Landscape Architecture and Disc Golf’, on September 6th. This event was part of AIA-SF’s Architecture and the City Festival, going on the through the month of September.

If you missed it, you missed out! But no need to be discouraged; the whole point of this event was to get the ball rolling (or disc flying) on future collaboration possibilities. The event featured four panelists: John Heaton- founder of Whirld Sports; Sean Jack- representing the Disc Golf Pro Tour; Chuck Kennedy- Course Design Chair of the PDGA; and me! Katrina Majewski- Landscape Architect. Throughout the evening, we discussed the growing sport of disc golf and opportunities for future growth. With careful planning and design input, disc golf–a relatively low-cost and low-impact sport–can be integrated into existing and new landscapes alike.

Accompanied with informative graphics, each panelist explained their experience with the sport in the past, and pitched their hopes for disc golf in the future, leading to a Q/A session and discussion afterwards.  Questions from the audience were diverse, ranging from pics of plant species appropriate for disc golf courses, to encountering CEQA and policy hurdles when planning a course. On the whole, it was obvious that landscape architects can play a pivotal role in this field, tapping into a niche market, and benefiting communities. Disc golf gets people outside, teaches valuable lessons on sportsmanship and communication, and…is a whole lot of fun. Stay tuned to ASLA-NCC and AIA-SF for future events on the subject.

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