Creative Reuse

Creative Reuse

Choosing materials is part of the design process, and nowadays looking for new, greener, more efficient products is a constant. So its good to remember that the most efficient, most green materials are those that we keep from going to the landfill. Reusing materials, or repurposing, demands creative thinking to envision ways of using materials other than what they were originally designed for. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from giving new life to what would otherwise be considered trash, and that is what makes looking through the Repurpose Materials Inc. website actually enjoyable. Its kind of like a brain tease puzzle.

Repurpose Materials, Inc. claims to be the only company in America whose entire product line is made of repurposed items. They specialize in dealing with the large, industrial types of repurposed items like worn conveyor belts, old fire hosesfood grade shipping containers, and old advertising billboard vinyl. If you sign up for their newsletter, you are periodically challenged to think up new purposes for snow plow blades, climbing rope and old bowling alley lanes. Perhaps your next project can earn some more LEED or Sustainable Sites points by using repurposed roofing pavers, or your next demolition will create treasures for others to repurpose. Even if you never use this company’s particular services, (they are located in Denver but can ship anywhere), thinking up new uses for these types of products, not only can shrink our ecological footprint, but can be a fun creative exercise.





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