2013 Board Nominations

ASLA-NCC is currently seeking nominations for the 2013-2014 Executive Committee.  The elections will be held in August for terms that begin in September.  No special skills are required other than being experienced in the field and interested in expanding the profession. If you, or someone you know, has ever considered taking a position on the Board, now is the time to speak up. Self-nominations are welcome.

The Board meets once month and oversees the programs and events such as the lecture series, newsletter communications, Chapter Annual Meeting, professional seminars, and fellowship nominations.  We discuss and take action on a variety of issues confronting and advancing the profession locally and nationally, from emerging industries to public relations to licensure. Participating on the Board gives one a platform to implement new ideas and an awareness of the profession that cannot be gained any other way.

Nominations are being sought for the following positions:
  • President Elect – One year of a three-year commitment on the Executive Committee. One of the primary purposes of the office of president-elect is to provide the opportunity to become familiar with chapter members and their concerns, current chapter programs, budget and operations. The term of the president-elect is also used for planning and transition.
  • Vice President – One-year term. The primary purpose of this office is aiding the president, and presiding in the president’s absence or when called upon by the president.
  • Secretary/ Treasurer – One-year term. The secretary has the primary duty of keeping the records (election results, membership in the chapter, recorder of the minutes, chapter constitution and bylaws updates). The treasurer is keeper of the funds and  of the chapter financial records.
  • Directors – One-year term. The purpose of this office is to aid the committee in daily and special operations. Directors organize and participate in sub-committees of their choosing (see sidebar of committees).
  • Trustee – Two-year term.  The trustee represents our local chapter by serving on the national Board of Trustees. The power to establish Society policy consistent with the Constitution is vested in the Board of Trustees.
Nominations need to be received by July 29th

Please email nominations to Christopher Kent, Nominations Committee Chair and ASLA Trustee

Questions? Contact a current board member for more information.