Chapter Elections

It’s that time of year again! Voting is open for Northern California chapter elections. ASLA Full and Associate members can cast votes for the following Executive Committee positions:

  • President Elect – One year of a three-year commitment on the Executive Committee. One of the primary purposes of the office of president-elect is to provide the opportunity to become familiar with chapter members and their concerns, current chapter programs, budget and operations. The term of the president-elect is also used for planning and transition.
  • Vice President – One-year term. The primary purpose of this office is aiding the president, and presiding in the president’s absence or when called upon by the president.
  • Secretary – One-year term. The secretary has the primary duty of keeping the records (election results, membership in the chapter, recorder of the minutes, chapter constitution and bylaws updates).
  • Treasurer – One-year term. The treasurer is keeper of the funds and  of the chapter financial records.
  • Director – One-year term. The purpose of this office is to aid the committee in daily and special operations.
  • CCASLA Representative – Two-year term. The CCASLA Representative represents the Chapter on the California Council of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

POLLS CLOSE ON August 15th, 2017

Click on nominees below for more information. CLICK HERE to vote.

Dana Banks, PLA, ASLA
Amy Cupples, PLA, ASLA
Loretta Drummond, PLA, ASLA
Carmen Erasmus, PLA, ASLA
Tala Fatolahzadeh, PLA, ASLA
Katrina Majewski, ASLA
Lana Merrill, PLA, ASLA
David W. Nelson, PLA, ASLA
Blake Rhinehart, PLA, ASLA