Everyday Placemaking

Everyday Placemaking

As designers, we are trained to look to the future and envision possibilities, we work with potential and plan to make it a reality. The sad part is that, more often than not,  projects are too far from our everyday lives, literally and figuratively, to actually reap the benefits of our labor.

Well, the Project for Public Spaces has listed 26 things to inspire you to placemake right in our own neighborhood. The beauty is that some of these ideas are easy to fold into everyday life, and all of these skills are transferable, contagious, and can become addictive. Many hands make for light work, so get inspired and get ready to harvest the fruits of your labor in your own neighborhood.


Folks at The Dirt must have been thinking along the same lines when they published this review on a new book from PlanetizenUnsprawl: Remixing Spaces and Places, which focuses on, “real, human scale communities by people and for people…”  Check it out.

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