Giants Night Recap

Giants Night Recap

John Dennis, Tony Esterbrooks, and Sam Wodhams Roberts enjoying the pre-game event.

This past week ASLA-NCC held its second annual San Francisco Giants Night. A large group of members, friends, sponsors and significant others gathered together behind the scoreboard at Anchor Plaza to enjoy a bit of food, beverages, and trivia prizes before the game. This year’s lucky trivia/raffle winners were Matt Gruber, Chris Errington, and Cory Bennett. Prizes included a pair of tickets for the next ASLA NCC Giants Night, a Giants baseball cap, plus a bag full of other Giants souvenirs. Congrats guys!

John Martin and Nathan Lozier

We got to enjoy each others’ company and the views from scenic AT&T Park, and the fog didn’t roll in until well into the evening. Everyone had a great time… except for the Giants… let’s just say it wasn’t the team’s best night.

A loud shout of appreciation goes out to our sponsors, especially Miracle PlaySystems  and Ackerstone for their generous support. They make just plain fun events like these possible.

Bob Birkeland, Erik Stromberg, and Megan Stromberg

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