Green Fire – Screening

Green Fire – Screening

– by Katrina Majewski

Aldo Leopold famously said, “There are two things that interest me; the relationship of people to each other and the relationship of people to land.”  Although Aldo Leopold was not a landscape architect by profession, his actions, beliefs and lifestyle reflect landscape architectural core values.

Previous to attending the ASLA film screening of the Green Fire  documentary at the AIA building in San Francisco, on June 19th, I had only been familiar with Aldo Leopold’s name, and not with his legacy. Anita Bueno, ASLA, and Landscape Architect with the US Forest Service, gave the introduction to Green Fire, providing a summary of the US Forest Service and also Aldo Leopold. She explained how Green Fire helps to connect and bridge the gap between Leopold’s belief in land management and moral responsibility with current society, education, and practice.

While enjoying movie theater style snacks at the Green Fire screening, the event attendees and myself learned about Leopold’s lifework and the environmental movement that he helped shape. After listening to the introduction, viewing the documentary, and participating in the Q&A session afterwards, I understand and appreciate the importance of that movement when considering the natural and built environment today.

It was an evening of inspiration and learning, I am certainly looking forward to the next event!

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