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Join PlantRight’s Campaign to Stop California’s Next Plant Invasion

Join PlantRight’s Campaign to Stop California’s Next Plant Invasion

Deadline approaching! If you’ve been meaning to help, now is the time.

What if you could protect more of what you love about California – its breathtaking landscapes, habitat and wildlife – right now? You can! Support our effort to prevent a new invasive plant, Mexican feathergrass, from invading California’s wild lands. … See the whole story

And find out what the California Master Gardener Program has to say about this “wildly popular” plant:

Mexican Feather Grass: Invasive Beauty can be Deceiving

Mexican Feather Grass (Nassella or Stipa tenuissima) is a wildly popular ornamental grass used by home gardeners and landscape design professionals. Mexican Feather Grass is loved for its graceful, delicate and fine texture – it grows out in a cascade like a beautiful fountain. Plus it is extremely drought tolerant adding to its allure. It’s no wonder this ornamental grass has been enthusiastically used in home landscapes. But – don’t be fooled by this invasive beauty!  Read More….




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