2012 Awards

Design: Residential, High Density and Mixed Use

Merit Award

Drs. Julian & Raye Richardson Apartments
San Francisco, CA
Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture, Andrea Cochran
Client: Community Housing Partnership

Richardson Apartments Planting Plan.
On Gough Street, new bike racks are installed in new permeable paving. Custom tree guards protect new street trees from vandalism and automobile damage.
 Streetscape improvements along Fulton Street include a rain garden with Fortnight Lily and new permeable paving at the curb.
The roof deck offers gathering spaces among vents screened with composite boards of recycled wood and plastic, vegetable gardens for residents, and a green roof planted with sedums for storm water management.
Agaves in custom Corten steel planters line the roof deck. Tall screens provide safe enclosure at the edge of the roof.
Agaves in custom Corten steel planters line the roof deck. Tall screens provide safe enclosure at the edge of the roof.
The landscape architects designed custom furniture from reclaimed Monterey cypress logs to create comfortable seating that will withstand heavy use.
Architect and landscape architect worked closely to create a seamless connection between interior and exterior public spaces. Custom barbeque designed by landscape architects at left.
The entry lobby looks out onto a fern rain garden. Mexican Fan Palms provide scale and frame the existing mural beyond.
An overview of the central courtyard in the evening, illustrating the permeability between the architecture and exterior gathering spaces. The roof garden is visible through the scrim at the top of the image.
Living units, public areas, and counseling offices overlook the courtyard, where custom furniture designed by the landscape architects promotes communal gathering. Spacers are installed between standard unit pavers, allowing stormwater to permeate into the gravel retention basin below.
Reduce peak flow, improving the quality of water released into the Bay.

The Drs. Julian and Raye Richardson Apartments provide a dignified residence for formerly homeless adults, with 120 studios and supportive services including counseling, medical care, job training, and employment opportunities. The landscape design encompasses a streetscape, a central courtyard, and a roof deck, all designed to provide a peaceful respite in contrast to the city streets where residents once lived. The central courtyard forms the heart of the building. Lushly planted with ferns and palm trees and equipped with custom furniture made from locally salvaged materials, the space accommodates a variety of uses. Five stories above the courtyard, a roof deck offers another healing space for residents, with seating areas and raised beds for vegetable gardening. GreenPoint Rated, the project employs a multi-faceted stormwater management system that includes permeable pavers over a gravel infiltration system, rain gardens, and a green roof.

Photography: Bruce Damonte