2012 Awards

Design: Residential, High Density and Mixed Use

Merit Award

Salvation Army Kroc Community Center
San Francisco, CA
GLS Landscape Architecture, Gary Strang
Client: The Salvation Army

At the edge of the courtyard, large shrubs have been planted for privacy, and to soften the effects of the very urban Tenderloin neighborhood. The courtyard is meant to be an oasis in an otherwise gritty setting which can be very hard on the inhabitants.
At night, the blue fluorescent lights inside the utility enclosure, and the uplights for trees become visible.
Steel and wood gates, and aluminum bar grating rails were carefully detailed by applicant. Planters are temporarily filled with Rosemary, awaiting implementation of the community gardening program.
Child on climbing wall on opening day.
Precision detailing was required for the steel and wood utility enclosure, as well as for the formwork reveals and waterproofing where planter walls meet skylights. detail. Plantings in the foreground are young Setaria palmifolia which will get 3-4’ tall.
A centrally located utility structure was designed by the applicant to screen a transformer and generator, while doubling as a climbing wall, with a fall zone made of artificial turf. The structure is made of galvanized steel, ipe siding and aluminum bar grating rail to keep kids from climbing onto the roof of the structure.
The shady side of the courtyard has Tristania conferta trees in larger concrete planters also placed between skylights to the gymnasium. Pavers are precast concrete 24”x24” pedestal pavers.
The courtyard strategy is one which places concrete planters with Arbutus ‘Marina’ trees and lighting between skylights to the gymnasium, requiring careful coordination of structure and waterproofing. The downtown Marriott Hotel is visible in the background from the Tenderloin neighborhood.
The section shows the building organization with podium courtyard and housing for at-risk youths located over the ground floor public uses consisting of administration, chapel, gymnasium and pool.
The aerial view of the courtyard over the gymnasium shows the multipurpose courtyard with plantings between skylights, utility enclosure (designed by applicant) which doubles as a climbing wall, artificial turf, and seating.

Funded in part by a $1.5 billion bequest from the estate of Joan Kroc, wife of McDonald’s restaurateur Ray Kroc, the mixed use community center and affordable housing project is organized around an outdoor courtyard. The space is woven between skylights and utilities over ground floor public uses which include a gymnasium, dance studio, fitness center, rooms for mentoring, education and worship, a swimming pool, game room, computer lab and a library. Located on Turk Street, between Leavenworth and Jones in the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco, the ‘Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center and Railton Place’ provides recreational and social service programs for an underserved community. Above the public uses is Railton Place, a separately funded 110-unit, transitional and permanent residence program for individuals who cannot afford housing of their own.