2012 Awards

Design: Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space

Merit Award

Ayala Triangle Park
Makati City, Philippines
AECOM Technical Services, Inc., Jacinta McCann
Client: Ayala Land, Inc.

Outdoor dining is one of the many activities enabled by the design of Ayala Triangle Park, which provides a safe, urban space within metropolitan Manila.
The generous width of the main east-west path accommodates multiple uses, including outdoor restaurant dining, runners and pedestrians.
The first urban park to be built in Manila, Ayala Triangle Park has positively impacted Makati residents by offering a safe, outdoor space for gatherings, social events and connecting to the environment.
The park was designed to connect seamlessly with the adjoining public spaces and Makati Avenue.
The civic plaza serves as a lively gathering place for day and nighttime events.
A rich tropical garden is the focus of the central pedestrian walkway.
Preserved trees and relocated palms reinforce the major axial paths that connect to the surrounding areas.
A new civic plaza anchors the park as a place for community events and celebrations.
Site plan

Towards A New Way of Life: Ayala Triangle Park is the first urban park to be built in Manila. Its design and construction has taken place during a period when an emerging middle class has adopted an awareness and interest in a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle. The impact of this park on the residents of Makati has been profound. For the first time in Makati’s history, there is a space that is large and safe enough to gather, exercise, hold events, picnic with families, and enjoy a large green space away from the overwhelming urban cacophony of the busy streets in the surrounding area. Joggers circuit the network of park paths every day. Major holidays and festivals are celebrated in the park plaza, drawing crowds from the community. For the first time, the residents of Manila have an identifiable civic heart for their city.