2018 Awards

Design: Residential, Single Family Home

Honor Award

Napa Residence
Napa, CA
Lutsko Associates Landscape
Lead Landscape Architect: Ron Lutsko Jr. and Andrea Kovol

Linear bands of perennials and concrete seat walls extend to the neighbors vineyard. The orthogonal nature of the rows is not only striking but also
conceptually nod to the traditional agrarian land patterns that permeate Napa Valley. Mountains that define the region cast a shadow in the background.
Inspired by the surrounding land rustic materials were employed but used in contemporary, minimalist forms.
The native meadow sits in front of the guest house and oaks punctuate it. This planting palette is reminiscent of the iconic meadow hillsides with
oaks found throughout Napa Valley.
Rectilinear stepping stones bridge the playful perennials and terminate at the pool terrace. A mature oak frames the pool house and connects to the
oak hillsides beyond.
The modern farmhouse inspired buildings frame the pool and garden spaces. Concrete seat walls create informal seating areas.
The fire-pit lounge terrace is another outdoor room sculpted by the design team. It embodies Napa Valley style with its clean lines with rustic accents.
Linear bands of perennials and grasses stretch out to the surrounding vineyard. Rows of vines echo the pattern at a distance.
Large glass doors frame the view of the mountains beyond.

This 4-acre site is located on the Napa Valley floor in the Rutherford wine region with the Mayacamas mountains to west and the Vacas mountains to the east. Vineyards flank the site, rooting it in the productive wine making culture that pervades in the valley. As the second residence for the clients, they wanted to embrace the ease and comfort of the Napa Valley lifestyle. Entertainment opportunities, recreation activities and water-wise plants that felt appropriate for the region were a must. The landscape architect worked in tandem with the architect to blur the line between interior and exterior, creating rooms of various scales and purpose. The sequencing of spaces and framing of views was also a major consideration for the design team. Connections to the surrounding agrarian landscape and native plant communities were also made. The site embodies many of the distinct characteristics that are unique to this region. The result is a project that subtly expresses a historical and cultural narrative about Napa Valley.