2013 Awards

Design: Residential, Single Family Home

Merit Award

Hilltop Hideaway
Napa, CA
Shades of Green Landscape Architecture
Principal: Ive Haugeland
Designer: Robyn Reed
Architect: Matthew Wadlund
Client: Mark and Sonja Farley

The pool area takes advantage of the beautiful surroundings. Color punches of purple and yellow create interest and energy.
Grasses alluding to the site's oak savannah surrounds the bocce court.
The pool is situated away from the house. Planting is naturalistic, informal and drought tolerant. The 80’ long wall houses the bathroom, pool equipment, and storage in addition to a bar and a trellis that supports the solar panels.
The pool is carefully sited between existing trees. The native bent-grasses, installed as sod, are left un-mowed and blend into the surrounding grassland.
The vivid purple wall is screening a large solar array on the neighbor property. The materials are simple, mainly concrete, wood and stucco.
The pool was carefully sited to take advantage of views and solar orientation. The pool building screens the neighbor’s glaring solar panel array and shelter from the wind.
– All existing asphalt was eliminated and replaced with softer natural and permeable materials, such as decomposed granite, crushed stone, and grass pavers for all pedestrian and vehicular circulation. This amazing oak is now featured as a sculpture.
Field grown olives at the pool entrance were brought in to compliment the oaks on the site. The boulders are all from the site, and agaves were added for their sculptural qualities.
As part of improving the circulation on the site, a new path and stairway was created between the two houses. The oak was carefully handled during construction of a new deck and retaining walls.
The spa is terraced into the hillside to take advantage of the sweeping views. Retaining walls are jagged to contrast the soft landscape and carefully sited to avoid railing.
The pool building, framed by stately oaks is seen as you enter the property. Although the pool is located just steps from the main house; it feels like though you were escaping to a different world.
The entrance to this rural estate is marked with gabion walls and a cattle grate. The collection of agaves gives a sculptural element.

The main challenge in remodeling this hilltop estate was how to enhance the site without distracting from the natural beauty of the native oak savanna landscape. We simplified and restored the landscape with permeable surfaces and drought tolerant plants to become a sustainable, informal landscape with punches of color and luxury. The pool area is the highlight, nestled between the oaks and set in a sea of native grasses,complimented by the purple wall.