2015 Awards

Design: General

Honor Award

Tech Deck
Mountain View, CA
Bionic Landscape Inc.
Principal in Charge: Marcel Wilson
Client: The Minkoff Group

Tall seed heads of Fairy Tails Pennisetum (Pennisetum 'Fairy Tails') catch wind and light to animate social spaces at various levels. The panorama and clean horizon offers and inspiring setting for team collaboration.
Cast in place concrete walls and customized paving systems taper and bend to integrate universally accessible spaces and encounters with the edge.
Breakout spaces of various sizes and solar exposures enable the workplace to extend  into the outdoors.
Grasses, pollinator species, native plants, and plants that exhibit a richness and texture throughout the year provide a foreground to the panorama of Silicon Valley. Foreground: Tufted Hair Grass (Deschampsia cespitosa). Background: Nachez Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia 'Nachesz').
Site Plan.
Extensive and intensive green roof systems create a composition of ecological social spaces. An elevated wood deck, a custom paving system, ramping walkways, and cast in place seat and planter walls create gathering spaces for small and large groups. An overhead shade structure creates a range of comfortable spaces for all times of day.
Plant palette provides a range of richness, textures, and height for animation throughout the seasons. Pictured here in winter, remnants of fall color resonate with the color palette of the winter dormancy and form.
Compact lot in downtown Mountain View adjacent to commuter rail station creates density model for Silicon Valley tech office infill development compared to typical market rate construction.

Designed for a global information technology company, the Tech Deck in Mountain View, CA employs a large shade structure, a custom paving system, walls, decks, a bocce ball court, planting, and green roof systems to create a new paradigm for infill workplaces in Silicon Valley that enable collaboration, social interaction, and ecological performance. This high performance landscape sits in a magnificent panorama of Silicon Valley, the Bay, and Moffat Air Base. The elegance of the design is its ability to engage the panorama by creating a sense of approaching the edge without cluttering the view with clumsy devises often found in office buildings. Sixty feet in the air, social spaces and building systems are merged with the horticultural conditions of diverse and dynamic planting compositions to manage 100% of the site’s storm water, create habitats for birds and pollinating insects, and contribute to the LEED Platinum objective for the project.