2014 Awards

Design: Commercial and Institutional

Merit Award

Therapy Landscape for the Rehabilitation Center at El Camino Hospital
Los Gatos, CA
Project Principal: Zoee Astrachan
Principal: Andrew Dunbar
Project Designers: Shye Jones, Chelsea Larsson
Client: El Camino Hospital

Soft grasses–Anementhele selected for seasonal color and Calamagrostis for lofty, golden blooms.
Trellis detail: Aromatic Solanum jasminoides flowers profusely on wall covering frames of trellis.
Seating niche surrounded with butterfly-attracting Gaillardia, seasonal-blooming Calamagrostis and fragrant Solanum.
Pockets planted for water gradient: succulents above, herbs and edible greens below.
Festoon lights: LED bulbs suspended and glowing on cable ceiling with white flowers of Solanum beyond.
Wooly pockets designed to create opportunity for standing-height gardening therapy.
Plant perimeter with integral searing niches and overhead light ceiling.
Therapy Court: before (left) and after (right)–spatially unified with intimate scale.
Before and after.

A facility devoid of exterior amenities was reinvigorated by the re-appropriation of two underutilized spaces. A residual concrete utility court and an ambulance drop-off area, of the 1970’s-era 30-Bed Rehabilitation Center, became the raw material for a transformative intervention, converting marginalized exterior spaces into places. Places with atmosphere and vibrancy that are not only occupiable , but are also curative.
A peripheral planting strip is recreated as an Entry Garden where Staff, patients and visitors now experience a garden with shade trees, pathways for gate training, and quiet seating areas for gathering and visiting with family. A once residual space between buildings is transformed into a Therapy Courtyard situated directly adjacent to the facility’s gymnasium. The court creates space for outdoor dining, therapeutic gardening and visiting with family and pets in a spatially unified and planted setting boasting, color, texture, fragrance and movement with rich wood accents and warm festive lighting, all built-in to an infrastructure of comfortable bench seating, vine trellises, suspended plant pockets, and small-scale vegetable and flower gardening.