2014 Awards

Design: Residential High Density and Mixed Use

Merit Award

University of California Davis West Village
Davis, CA
SWA Group, San Francisco
Client: UC Davis

Design expresses principles of environmental responsiveness, affordable housing and quality of place.
The high-functioning landscape integrates stormwater management, tandem parking and solar arrays.
The design integrates bicycle parking nto the building facades and landscape.
Careful siting of residential buildings creates courtyards for social gathering.
Site planning makes bicycles the primary mode of transportation.
Shaded, café-friendly walkways connect the retail/apartment buildings to the landscape.
Landscape design provides stormwater management with the Village Green.
The Village Green forms the heart of this mixed-use, ZNE community.
Sustainability analyses addressed solar/wind patterns, drainage, habitat, recreation and connectivity.
Illustrative plan for housing 3,000 students and 500 faculty/staff families.

Evolving from three main criteria developed together with the client, affordable housing, quality of place, and environmental responsiveness, UC Davis West Village is the largest zero net energy planned community in the US today, combining compact, walkable neighborhoods with sustainable initiatives. A 222-acre development in Davis, California, completed in 2012, the Village provides housing for 2,000 students and 350 members of the university faculty and staff, as well as a mixed-use retail area, a village green, extensive parks, and an open space network. The design aesthetic focuses on integrating features like permeable paving, storm-water management systems, solar thermal, and photovoltaics in a manner that functions beautifully and efficiently with local environmental conditions. The project ultimately incorporates affordable housing in a neighborhood setting, while strengthening on-campus involvement, and creates a distinctive place to live in a pedestrian-oriented and bike-friendly environment.