2017 Awards

Design: Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Spaces

Merit Award

Mission Bay Kids Park
San Francisco, CA
RHAA Landscape Architecture + Planning
Principal Architects: Cordelia Hill, Principal Emeritus
Client: Mission Bay Development Group

Extensive community outreach within the Mission Bay neighborhood allowed families to play a part in the design of the park.
A variety of play structures allow children of all ages to slide, climb and swing.
Within the nature exploration zone, log sculptures sit atop a hill fostering imaginative play.
Pathways in the park allow community residents to stroll through and take their dogs for a walk.
Willow structures designed by a local artist create a fanciful maze.
Stone stream beds offer opportunity for imaginative play.
Sand play and willow structures provide multiple recreational opportunities for children of all ages.
Aerial view of the park nestled within the growing Mission Bay neighborhood in San Francisco.
Mission Bay Kids’ Park Master Plan.

Centered in a new redevelopment area of San Francisco, Mission Bay Kids’ Park responds to the lack of playground space for approximately 800 children in a dense residential neighborhood. The park evolved from a demand by the local mothers groups for a playground that could meet the needs of children of all ages for active play. The park provides a safe place for their children to play and explore in an urban environment as well as a place for the community to gather and hold events. Two thirds of the park is a playground, while outside the playground is a lawn, picnic area, and plaza for all users. Through a public outreach process, families chose a design that balanced the need for active play equipment with the desire for nature play and interaction with the natural environment. The focal point of the park is a nature exploration zone where willow structures, log sculptures and stone stream beds offer opportunities for imaginative play. A large turf hill and redwood forest provide direct contact with nature.