2013 Awards

Research, Planning, Analysis and Communication

Merit Award

Alemaya Farm
Yolo County, California
SWA Group, Sausalito
Lead Landscape Architect: Cinda Gilliland
Designers: Katherine Jenkins, Michael Pon
Client: Alemaya Farm, LLC

Aerial view of Full Belly Farm in Guinda, CA. Case study farm.
Diagram showing variety types of crops, plot configurations and information about Full Belly Farm.
Close up aerial view of the building configuration at Full Belly Farm.
Alemaya Farm site aerial view.
Alemaya Farm site photo.
Alemaya Farm Master Plan.
Diagram illustrates the workflow pattern at Alemaya Farm.  From processing shed to workshop and greenhouses center around the yard for the most efficient workflow configuration.
Diagram to show appropriate building sizes and workflow configuration options.
Plant palette key to evaluate appropriate native species for the farm.
Plant list for hedgerow species.
Plant list for fallow field and meadow.
Plant list for riparian habitat.

The Alemaya Farm Project is a body of research that develops an approach to sustainable, organic and crop-producing farming for a client with no prior farming experience. Located on a 70-acre hayfield in the fertile valley of Capay, home to several well established organic farms in northern California. The research was split into three parts: a series of four closely related case studies of nearby farms to understand the functional and spatial configuration of farm planning; detailed design recommendations for appropriate programming and facility functioning; and an all-season planting list with specific planting cards that understands the local landscape, habitat needs, and creates environments for beneficial insects and wildlife. The result is a practical guide for developing an ecologically sustainable organic farm that optimizes efficiency in land use and work flow, while also providing a beautiful, seasonal landscape and environmental habitat.