2013 Awards

2013 Research, Planning, Analysis and Communication

Merit Award

Sunnydale HOPE SF: Transforming from Adversity to Opportunity
San Francisco, CA
SWA Group
Principal in Charge: René Bihan
Landscape Designers: Ashley Langworthy and Lee Stickles
Client: Mercy Housing California and Related California

Solution–Connecting to Greater Region: Overlook Park
Site Pla –Sunnydale Housing Re-Designed
Site History–From Rural Setting to Disrepair to Urban Integration
Analysis–Open Space with No Ownership
Analysis–Towards Physical Integration with Surroundings
Solutions–Transition from Public to Private
Public Process–Resident Involvement and Buy-in
Mixed Land Uses–Mixed Uses for Neighborhood Sustainability
Infrastructural Landscapes–Stormwater Management and Street Tree Hierarchy
Open Space–Defined Public, Private, and Infrastructural Spaces
Solution–Programmed Community Open Space: Community Central Park
Solution–Navigating Terrain: Mid-Terrace Park

Sunnydale is one of the most distressed and unsafe public housing developments in San Francisco. The neighborhood’s economic, social, and physical isolation, barrack style housing, and defunct open spaces have created a community in crisis. Sunnydale Hope SF creates a community of choice by establishing an accessible street network, defining thresholds between public and private space, providing highly programmed community open space, and situating mixed-use units to engage the street.

Neighborhood open spaces will join the greater green space network of parks and public spaces in San Francisco. Public, private, and philanthropic investment will ensure a permanent maintenance program for all public spaces and infrastructure, as well as continued social services for residents in community building, job readiness, and educational achievement. The community will be walkable, bike friendly, served by transit, and will support compact development. The USGBC certified Sunnydale as a LEED ND Gold master plan in September 2011.