2017 Awards

Research, Planning, Analysis and Communication

Honor Award

Rule Lake Metropolitan Park: A Celebration of the Rhythm of Water
Nanchang, China
SWA Group
Principal Landscape Architect: Hui-Li Lee
Client: Nanchang Economic Development Administration

The rendered view of the future Rule Lake Metropolitan Park. A Celebration of the Rhythm of Water.
The rendered view of the future Forum and Culture Center, showcasing the adaptability to the water, and the appropriate vegetation management.
The preserved field-scale valley wetland at the upper lake provides seasonal recreation opportunities and conserves wildlife that rely on the rhythm of water, such as Siberian Cranes.
A biking/jogging loop connects each park amenity and showcases the potential of public education, as well as the best scenery RuLe Lake has to offer.
Metropolitan Park Phase I (5.3 hectares) in average water level, and at high water level.
The lakeshore was carefully designed to adapt water levels for the best of public safety but maximize the characters of tidal zones.
Public Engagement Plan: Comprehensive park amenities were assigned based on the suitability of the shoreline nature.
There are opportunities all along the edges for a rich programmatic tapestry ranging from active waterfront urban life, to passive natural reserve.
The site specific observation and analysis led to water sensitive planning and vegetation management.
The urban runoffs are carefully treated in a holistic stormwater approach before discharging to the lake.
In the urban planning phase study, the proposal identified suitable development area, preserved ecological sensitive and functional zones, and utilize topography for stormwater green infrastructure.
The application of drone survey helps collect time-specific geographic information and facilitates a more transparent decision-making process.
The future Rule New City calls for a resilient transit corridor which can consolidate flood zones, and protect the rich but sensitive lowland valleys.
The campaign to upgrade existing flood protection infrastructure via conventional engineering also brought indiscriminative damages to the existing nature system.
Poyang Inland Estuary has been known for its dramatic water level changes, both for storm events and seasonal fluctuation.

Rule Lake Metropolitan Park is one of the major urban stormwater lakes in Nanchang, China. The city is situated at the delta of the Poyang Inland Estuary, where the unique rhythm of water brings richness of life, yet at the same time unpredictable flood damages. Building upon an existing seasonal lake within extreme water-level changes, the project was challenged by the tension between the untamed natural beauty, and public safety. In the regional planning phase, the landscape architects worked closely with urban designers, municipality and flood district authorities to identify suitable development areas and existing natural resources, and successfully defended the ecological sensitive zones for preservation and recreation. In the site planning and design phase, the team refined the interfaces of urban stormwater green infrastructure and connected these LID facilities into the park elements. The Metropolitan Park program and amenities are carefully planned and allocated per their compatibility with draught or flood, thereby increasing its resiliency, and turning the most difficult tidal zones into celebrated lakeshore characters.