2016 Awards

Design: Residential, Single Family Home

Honor Award

Telegraph Hill Residence
San Francisco, CA
Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architect/ Principal in Charge: Andrea Cochran

The landscape design captures additional exterior space on a very limited site.
Stairs and overlooks create a carefully composed journey to the front door.
A variety of materials interface to form a dynamic entry sequence.
Soft path lighting guides visitors towards the overlooks.
Careful attention is paid to the interface of materials through crisp detailing.
Glass planes dissolve the barrier to the landscape beyond.
A corten gate, when closed, directs visitors to the front door.
A raised deck provides expanded usable space for daily yoga.

The landscape at the Cliff House alters perception for the user and initiates a deeper respect for the breathtaking context of a steep hillside overlooking the San Francisco Bay. From the beginning, the design strove to dissolve the barrier between the user and the expansive landscape beyond. Upon arrival, a carefully choreographed entry sequence along an entry stair welcomes the visitor, while expanded overlooks create moments for pause, respite and drama. Along the sequence, clean walls of corten contrast with raw cliff face and plantings, while planes of glass at the end of the overlooks bring the user within a visceral proximity to the drop underneath. At the rear of the house, a sheltered shade garden, comprised of soft plantings, blossoming trees, and permeable materials provides a quiet refuge. The design elicits visceral responses to the landscape as a source of both introspection and the connection to the larger environment.