Final Legislative Report

California Council of ASLA (CCASLA)

2015 Legislative Session Final Report on Bills of Interest

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            Chaptered = Bill signed by Governor (Chapter references the code section in CA statutes)

Water Use/Utilities/State BondFinal Status
AB 1 (Brown)Drought: Local Governments/FinesChaptered 62
AB 149 (Chavez)Urban Water Management PlansChaptered 49
AB 349 (Gonzales)CIDs MaintenanceChaptered 266
AB 585(Melendez)Outdoor Watger Efficiency Act/Tax CreditsDead
AB 603(Salas)Turf Removal Tax Credit2 year bill
AB 1128 (Jones)Water Conservation2 year bill
AB 1139 (Campos)Turf Removal Tax Credit2 year bill
AB 1362 (Gordon)Stormwater Fees/Charges2 year bill
AB 1164 (Gatto)Drought Tolerant LandscapeChaptered 671
SB 47 (Hill)Synthetic Turf-Environmental Health2 year bill
SB 553 (Wolk)Water Conservation2 year bill


LicenseFinal Status
AB 177 (Bonilla)Con Affrs/License Bds Sunset LegislationChaptered 428
AB 320 (Wood)Environmental Engineers2 year bill
AB 750 (Low)Business and Professions-Licenses2 year bill
AB 1142(Gray)Mining and Reclamation2 year bill
SB 467(Hill)Con Affrs/Admin Costs AuthorityChaptered 656
SB 209 (Pavley)Mining Reclamation2 year bill


Taxes & BondsFinal Status
AB 988 (Stone)Outdoor Environ Ed & Rec Grants Program2 year bill
SB 8 (Hertzberg)Service Taxes2 year bill
SB 317 (DeLeon)Safe Neighborhd Parks, Rivers, Coastal Bond2 year bill
SB 760 (Mendoza)Disadvantaged Community Enhancement Act2 year bill