Meet the 2012-13 Ex Com

Meet the 2012-13 Ex Com

ASLA’s mission is is to lead, to educate, and to participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning, and artful design of our cultural and natural environments. The Northern California Chapter of ASLA – covering the coastal counties from Monterey to the Oregon border – is organized by the Executive Committee, elected into office annually. Here are some thoughts from this year’s Ex Com:

Sarka PortraitIn the Bay Area, generosity and an inclination to give back to one’s community is unquestionably strong. It is especially true, as I have had a chance to note over the last two years, for the volunteer members of the ASLA-NCC Executive Committee. Everybody’s enthusiasm, hard work and commitment makes the experience of serving on the Committee doubly rewarding. This term, again, we set our goals high to engage professionals in relevant debates in landscape architecture, and to add value to their ASLA membership.

Sarka Volejnikova, President


James Portrait

It’s an exciting time to be a landscape architect. I am particularly interested in how we as landscape architects can enhance our day to day lives, the growing awareness of the profession, and attract more opportunities of leading design teams for public open spaces.  As a Director last year, it was inspiring to see the interest in the lecture series and new chapter events. I look forward to building on these successes in the year ahead.

James Ingels, Vice-President


John Hykes PortraitI am happy to volunteer my time to the Executive Committee as Secretary Treasurer to help guide our collective efforts, record the progress and keep a balanced budget.  However, I am most excited for the unique opportunity to engage my fellow colleagues in discussions which impact the goals of our profession. As a new member of the committee I hope to build on the past efforts to continue outreach and strengthen our membership, while educating the public of our professional status as an integral part of a sustainable future.

John Hykes, Secretary Treasurer


Bob Birkeland PortraitAs a new Committee member I look forward to working alongside the seasoned volunteers on the Committee to present local landscape architecture and practitioners in a professional light.  ASLA-NCC is the best vehicle to promote Northern California landscape architecture but we need member participation.  My goal is to see more members embrace participation in the Chapter’s social events:  The Winter Gala, Awards Night, Lecture Series, and Giants Baseball Night.  These events are a great way to stay connected to the profession and support Chapter volunteers–and they are enjoyable evenings out.  I’d also like to know how the Chapter can better represent and serve you so please, leave us a note letting us know what’s working and where you’d like us to take you.

Bob Birkeland, Director


Anita PortraitASLA is a volunteer-driven organization, and within it there is a lot of great work being done on behalf of our profession. As the Communications Chair, I ‘d like to bring that awareness to our members, as well as educate the general public on the many environmental and public service contributions we landscape architects are making.

Anita Bueno, Director

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