NLAM – SF Bike Tour Recap

NLAM – SF Bike Tour Recap

Bike Tour in Sydney Walton SquareApril 28, 2013 turned out to be sunny and warm enough to take the typical morning chill out of the air; a lovely day for a casual bike ride through San Francisco. The group met at the Ferry Building and, in typical Bay Area fashion, the tour commenced at 9AM sharp… meaning 9:05.

The group had backgrounds and/or interests in engineering, gardening, architecture and design, although there were no landscape architects other than the tour leader. That worked out well, because the whole idea was to help increase awareness of the profession.

We started with Halprin’s Justin Herman Plaza and the Vaillancourt Fountain. This is one controversial piece of modernist art with most folks siding on the demolition side of the debate. For many years  the fountain sat without being turned on. However, you might want to hold off on judgement until you actually experience the fountain with the water flowing. It was flowing that morning, and we all walked through it. It is obviously a force to be experienced and not just a fountain to be admired. And having access to  move between and among the gushing water is… in a word, awesome! Highly recommended.

Vaillancourt Fountain in Justin Herman Plaza

The tour then wandered around downtown before traffic picked up, checking out sites by Cheryl Barton, CMG, Hart Howerton, SWA and others. We spent a good 20 minutes enjoying the landscape details at Levi’s Plaza, and wove along the shoreline through tourists, joggers and segways, all the way out to Crissy Field. It was an engaging way to discuss brownfields, stormwater and urban renewal, and a great way to learn a little more about the design decisions that go into creating the urban spaces we enjoy.

Bike tour in Crissy Field

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