Paying for California water action plan beyond the drought

Paying for California water action plan beyond the drought

This article has been reposted from the caeconomy blog of the California Economic Summit.

California Aqueduct. (Photo Credit: sfbaywalk/flickr)

Released today, Governor Jerry Brown’s final version of a five-year “Water Action Plan” lays out something most people involved in the contentious water issue can agree on: finding new, smart ways to navigate the choppy waters of long-term financing is vital to the California economy.

While the twin Delta tunnels and the possible $6-8 billion water bond got the bulk of the water press last year, the newly-official drought has been a stark reminder that there are a lot of moving parts to the state’s water network that need attention.

The governor’s Action Plan highlights the $619 million for water projects contained in his proposed 2014-15 budget and also lays out a focus for the next five years. If the drought challenges we face now are the “new normal,” we could be in for a bumpy ride without a strong, integrated strategy.  Read More…

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