Emerging Professionals

Emerging Professionals

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The mission of the Emerging Professionals (EP) group is to identify and respond to the needs of those who are new to the profession of Landscape Architecture in Northern California. This group appeals to the young professional who desires more social involvement, as well as intellectual engagement, with other landscape architecture professionals. The group is currently active in conducting social hours, walking tours, office visits, volunteer opportunities, and professional workshops and seminars. The group is not hierarchical; members are encouraged to step forward and initiate an activity or event.

The goals of the EP group are to:

  • ENGAGE emerging professionals and landscape architecture students with one other, and with other emerging professional groups and local leaders within the industry,
  • PROMOTE landscape architecture in our region by offering valuable opportunities for emerging professionals to network, learn, and take action on current issues within the field, and
  • GIVE BACK to our community through volunteer pro-bono work and participation at community meetings, forums and public events.

Recent EP activities include:

  • Office tour of BASE landscape atchitectue in San Francisco
  • Joint emerging professional event between ASLA and APA
  • Guided native plants hike at Tilden Botanical Gardens

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