Northern California Chapter’s Mentorship Program

The mission of the new ASLA-NCC Mentorship Program is to foster an exchange of ideas, expertise and camaraderie among Northern California landscape architecture professionals of all levels. From emerging professionals to industry veterans, participants can grow both professionally and personally by  learning from each others’ perspectives, discussing professional issues, and supporting their peers in the resolution of their problems.

When you take part in the Mentorship Program you will enjoy:
  • A confidential, trusting environment for the exchange of experience,  knowledge and ideas
  • A forum for the exploration of professional and personal interests and issues
  • Opportunities to develop lasting relationships with colleagues
  • Resources for development of interpersonal and leadership skills
  • The satisfaction of enriching the local landscape architecture community

The ASLA-NCC program organizes participants into small, regionally-defined groups of two to five ASLA members. Ideally, each group would have one senior practitioner (15+ years of experience), two mid-level practitioners (5–15 years experience), and one to two entry level or Student ASLA members. In this scenario mentorship happens on every level — e.g. senior members can learn about cutting-edge technologies from entry level members, while mid-level members can obtain sound business advice from more seasoned professionals. Every participant has something to learn and something to teach.

Your obligations as a participant will be:
  • A year-long commitment to the group and the Program
  • Minimum of six one-hour meetings with your group
  • Determining your group’s schedule
  • Developing your group’s goal and program
  • Being open, engaged, responsive, respectful and supportive to the Program participants
  • Maintaining confidentiality to the group
  • Brief reports to the ASLA-NCC Executive Committee which may be published in the Chapter newsletter

The groups should be free to explore any topic or concern that suits their members’ interests, confidentiality is paramount. No team should include more than one employee from the same firm, so that everyone can be frank and open in expressing their own views and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Teams are organized geographically:
  • North of the Bay Area
  • North Bay (Marin, Sonoma, Napa counties)
  • San Francisco
  • Oakland/Berkeley
  • Contra Costa county
  • Peninsula (San Mateo, Santa Clara counties)
  • South Bay (Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey counties)
  • South of the Bay Area

Please visit the Code of Ethics governing our new Mentorship Program and complete an application form. Thank you in advance for enriching our profession with your time and expertise!

Program Administrator:  For more information, questions or to join the Mentorship Program, please contact Carolyne Orazi or David Nelson.