Historic American Landscapes Survey

HALS Mission

Burdell Garden, 1890's Courtesy of CA State Parks, 2008

Burdell Garden, 1890’s Courtesy of CA State Parks, 2008

“The Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) mission is to record historic landscapes in the United States and its territories through measured drawings and interpretive drawings, written histories, and large-format black and white photographs and color photographs. The National Park Service oversees the daily operation of HALS and formulates policies, sets standards, and drafts procedural guidelines in consultation with the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). The ASLA provides professional guidance and technical advice through their Historic Preservation Professional Practice Network. The Prints & Photographs Division of the Library of Congress preserves the documentation for posterity and makes it available to the general public.”

National Park Service



Courtesy  City of Berkeley Public Works

Courtesy City of Berkeley Public Works

After a discussion at the spring 2004 California Foundation Conference, Chris Pattillo (PGAdesign), Betsy Flack (The Garden Conservancy), and Cathy Garrett (PGAdesign) decided California should have a vigorous involvement in the new Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) program and founded the Northern California Chapter of HALS.

The Chapter is actively engaged in documenting landscapes in northern California that meet the criteria for HALS documentation. See the Landscapes page for a list of sites in northern California that have been documented. CLICK HERE to visit the HALS website.