SF Mentorship Update

SF Mentorship Update

San Francisco Ferry BuildingThe San Francisco Mentorship Groups are off and running…

ASLA-NCC Director Tim Coppola had the opportunity to attend and report on two Mentorship meetings this month. The first was held on March 12th by the Café Prague Group and the second was on March 17th, held by the Sunset Group.  As was decided in the Mentorship Kickoff meeting, both San Francisco groups will meet individually every other month and then meet as one on alternate months. Next month’s mega-meeting is scheduled  for Wednesday, April 17 at Goat Hill Pizza at their 300 Connecticut location.

The members from both SF meetings are beginning to develop meaningful topics for discussion and action. Both groups have instituted a ‘Google Docs’ method for intercommunications, and the Café Prague group is initiating a portfolio workshop to be held at the AIA on 130 Sutter St. on April 23. The four other Mentorship groups (the North Bay, the East Bay, the Peninsula, and the South Bay) are also crafting programs germane to their needs for further development, and ASLA-NCC looks forward to seeing how they develop their own guidelines and topics to pursue.

It is in everyone’s interest to have the Mentorship Program grow and mature. As the fledgeling Mentorship groups wind through the early stages of discovery, it is our hope, as a chapter, that they will develop as viable groups and become an integral part of the ASLA-NCC community. If you have not joined a Mentorship group and wish to do so, please sign up for the program through the Mentorship website.

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