The Rise of Landscape Architecture

The Rise of Landscape Architecture

Highline Park, New York

The combination of growing environmental awareness, urban livability issues and the threats from climate change have created a trifecta of opportunity for the landscape architecture profession. It seems that recent high profile projects, along with years of tireless work promoting the importance of what landscape architects bring to the table, have begun to pay off.  A recent editorial by Alan G. Brake posted in The Architect’s Newspaper describes an architect’s take on the landscape architect profession coming into its own.

…Landscape architects offer something that architects typically do not… In a world under strain [parks] must also do considerable work, absorbing stormwater, filtering air pollution, and providing refuge in an increasingly urbanized world. Landscape architects are offering redemptive visions for neglected, damaged, and underutilized places. Environmental problems may seem overwhelming and insurmountable. But landscape architects offer solutions to improve our roofs, our blocks, our neighborhoods, a nearby waterway, or the city at large… In the absence of aggressive federal (let alone global) environmental action to address the myriad of challenges we face, these interventions take on a critical, if piecemeal, significance.

It is heartening to hear our design brothers, with whom we had become accustomed to playing a distant second fiddle, giving props to our diverse, yet unique design skill set. You can read the entire editorial here.
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