UC Berkeley Award Winners

UC Berkeley Award Winners

Student Honor and Merit Awards

This year’s UC-Berkeley Landscape Architecture Student Awards were juried by ASLA Executive Committee Members Amy Cupples-Rubiano, Tim Coppola, and Bob Birkeland at Wurster Hall on May 8th.  Professor Chip Sullivan facilitated the awards review.  The jury enjoyed a series of engaging student presentations, stunning graphic renderings, and a range of studio and thesis projects spanning their tenure at Berkeley.  The task was to review a select group of three graduate and three undergraduate students who had all received ASLA Merit Awards for their submissions to determine whose work qualified to be elevated to receive ASLA Honor Awards.  The high quality of the work, the student’s well organized verbal presentations, and their exquisite diagramming and rendering skills made this a challenging undertaking.

Roaring Camp Dynamic Display Box by Emily Frank, ASLA Merit Award Recipient

Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture ASLA Merit Award recipients were Tatyana Vashchenko, Emily Frank and Tanya Eggers. Each presented two recent projects. All were beautifully illustrated with watercolor and pen & ink, and were supported with well thought-out site analyses, plan, section, elevation, and perspective drawings.  There was as well a very creative approach to presenting the projects to the reviewers.  While it was very difficult to decide, Tatyana Vashchenko was awarded the undergraduate ASLA Honor Award.  She effectively presented two San Francisco projects: an urban park in Hayes Valley, and a Tsunami Memorial at the Sutro Baths site with equal depth of research, technical skill, and artistry.  Her work expressed a sense of professionalism that we look forward to seeing develop over the course of her career.

ASLA Honor Award Winning project by Sarah Moos

ASLA Merit Award recipients in the Master of Landscape Architecture program were Steven Lee, Robin Kim and Sarah Moos.  They also presented two projects each from their body of studio and thesis work.  Each student presented projects that reflected their interests in landscape architecture, illustrating the depth and breadth of our discipline from urban design, to stream restoration, and community oriented research and design.  These accomplished graduate students exhibited a high level of academic and professional achievement throughout their presentations.  Again, the reviewers were challenged to ascertain among the diverse project types and scales who should receive the honor award.  After much deliberation the reviewers awarded Sarah Moos the graduate ASLA Honor Award, for her depth of research, analysis, and design for two interconnected urban design/planning projects in San Francisco:  Unaccepted Streets, and Reclaiming Remnant Spaces.  Both projects displayed an exceptional level of professionalism.  Her work explored forgotten urban spaces through a disciplined approach and methodology, analyzing and diagramming the context from patterns of use and circulation, to native plants and animals, and community design.

ASLA Merit Award Winning Project By Steven Lee

ASLA-NCC would like to extend our appreciation to all of the award winners for 2013 for the hard work, creativity, and professionalism they exhibited, and we encourage all students to join ASLA for the coming year as they leave the University to seek out their next challenge.


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